1. Walt Disney

    Have you ever watched a cartoon? Once upon a fleeting time, in 1901, a child was born who would touch the lives of millions of children. His name was Walter Elias Disney. And he loved to draw. Early in the mornings, Walt would help his father and brother on a newspaper route. He learned to work hard. In the evenings, Walt would draw. He practiced by copying comics from newspapers. He liked to work…Read More

  2. My Hometown, U.S.A.

    What is it like in your hometown? Is it a large city or is it a small place with few people? Once upon a fleeting time, Native Americans freely roamed with their tribes in the land that is now called The United States of America. Today, there are people from all around the world living in the U.S.A. We have different shapes, different sizes, and different ideas. In 1790, the population was only 4 …Read More

  3. America, the Beautiful

    If you composed a song about America, what would you write? Once upon a fleeting time, an English professor from Massachusetts traveled West by train. Her name was Katherine Lee Bates. She was the author of many books of poetry, travel books and children’s books. When Katherine got to Colorado, she visited Pike’s Peak and was inspired by its majestic, purple colors. On the pinnacle of that mou…Read More